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Wellness Packages

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Wellness Packages

Keeping yourself healthy isn’t always easy. Getting screening tests done regularly help detect health issues early when treatment is likely to work best. Our health packages have been specifically designed for men, women and children at different stages of their lives, to provide care, comfort and vital information concerning their well-being.

Any other tests you might want to add or that have been recommended by the doctor will be at a discounted rate.

We also offer corporate medicals that can be tailored to your industry. For information on corporate medicals please click here.

Overview of Our Packages:

Name For who Cost
 Female Health Checkup (below 40)  Female, under 40 years  2000 AED
 Female Health Checkup (above 40)  Female, over 40 years  2700 AED
 Male Health Checkup (below 40)  Male, under 40 years  1700 AED
 Male Health Checkup (above 40)  Male, over 40 years  2500 AED
 Healthy Baby – Checkup  Up to 1 year old  500 AED
 Healthy Baby – Checkup (including Hip Ultrasound)  Up to 1 year old  660 AED
 Healthy Child – Checkup  Up to 12 years old  750 AED
 Antenatal Package – 12 weeks  6000 AED
 Antenatal Package – 28 weeks  3600 AED

To download our brochure with a complete overview of what each package includes, please click here.

An extra 10% discount will be given on any additional packages selected.

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