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    Author: Dr. Carole Chidiac, M.D Family Medicine Specialist

    International Civil Aviation Organisation ICAO 2019 75 years of connecting the world

    The theme of 2019 World Civil Aviation Day is to share how aviation plays a role in your work, your travels and more… Like any expatriate, medical doctor and mother of children studying abroad, aviation played a big role in getting me closer top my family back home and attending conferences and meeting professionals from all over the world. With more options and more direct flights, visiting my kids have never...

    Picky Eating

    Picky eating is becoming a common problem in children as soon as they start solid food and if not addressed properly, it can persist to late teenage years and even adulthood. Severe forms of picky eating specifically what is recognized now as ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder), will affect the child growth, health and social and psychological wellbeing. Feeding is an important aspect of parenting, unfortunately, when it comes to feeding common...

    Dieting increases your risk for gaining more weight and is the main trigger for eating disorders

    If dieting programs had to stand up to the same scrutiny as medications, they would never be allowed for public consumption. Imagine, for example, taking an asthma medication, which improves your breathing for a few weeks, but in the long run causes your lungs and breathing to worsen.  Would you really embark on a diet, if you knew that it could cause you to gain more weight? Here are some sobering studies...