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Author: Dr. Nizar Ishaq - Specialist Orthodontist

First Pediatric Orthodontist Visit in Dubai

First Pediatric Orthodontist Visit in Dubai – What to Expect

Pediatric orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with fixing poorly positioned teeth in kids using devices like braces and retainers. Taking your kid to a pediatric orthodontist early in his life helps him maintain a nice smile and good oral hygiene. The first pediatric orthodontist visit should be an exciting moment because it is the first step to an awesome healthy smile. Visiting a specialist in the UAE is...

Orthodontic Treatment Braces Vs Clear Aligners

Orthodontic Treatment – Braces Vs Clear Aligners

Orthodontic treatment might sound complicated, but it is the act of moving or straightening teeth to improve their appearance and functioning. This method enhances the health of your teeth, jaw joints, and gums by extending the biting pressure all over your teeth. Many people don’t know when to start orthopedic treatment. An orthodontist can improve your teeth, but there is an optimal period to start. When you visit a dental clinic...

Invisalign vs traditional braces – What’s the right choice for you?

If you are considering straightening your teeth, you will probably have lots of questions about your treatment options and what is the right choice for you. Some of the most common questions are round the advantages of Invisalign vs traditional braces, which is more effective? What is more affordable? Which treatment works quickest? Both braces and Invisalign are orthodontic treatments that were designed to straighten teeth, correct overbites, and close gaps...

Orthodontics are for adults too.

Most of us know children who have had an orthodontic treatment or those who are currently straightening their teeth with fixed braces, but did you know that orthodontics is an increasingly popular choice for adults too? Huge changes in the development of orthodontic treatment means we’re able to treat a range of orthodontic problems using discreet methods that enable you to maintain great oral hygiene throughout your treatment plan. If your teeth...