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5 Good Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth

(Source: If you want whiter teeth, you can easily achieve this by whitening your teeth. You should have this done by a professional in the UAE; this gives you optimum results in a short time. Although this procedure is not complicated, a dentist has to supervise to prevent injuring the gum. It can take at least 60 to 90 minutes. Teeth whitening should only be done by a dentist, dental...

Dizziness is a common condition. Although common, dizziness should NOT be considered “NORMAL”

When you are dizzy, you have to see your ENT doctor. There are many causes of dizziness and it is important to know what causes your dizziness in order to get proper treatment. See your doctor if you experience any recurrent, sudden, severe, or prolonged and unexplained dizziness or vertigo; or if you are feeling the following sensations: A false sense of motion or spinning (vertigo) Lightheadedness or feeling faint Unsteadiness / loss of...

Stress Management during COVID (Psychiatry/Psychologist)

Stress is not a bad thing; however, too much stress can have adverse effects on our lives. Coronavirus has affected everybody globally, and sometimes it can be difficult to cope. Stress can lead to mental health problems and make existing ones worse. Mental health problems can also cause stress; sometimes, it is overwhelming to deal with mental health symptoms. According to statistics, more than 4% of people in the UAE...

Cardiology: Stroke (Symptoms and Prevention)

A stroke occurs when there’s a disruption or reduction of blood supply to any part of your brain. This restricts nutrients and oxygen from reaching your brain tissues; brain cells start to die within minutes. A stroke is considered a medical emergency that requires quick intervention; prompt treatment can reduce brain damage and other complications. About 1 in every 4 people globally have a stroke; it is the world’s number...

How to Tell if Your Kid’s Color Blind?

Did you know that it is estimated that there are 300 color blind people globally? 95% of color blind people are men; 1 in 12 men is color blind. Babies are born color blind; their color vision improves as they grow and is fully developed by 6 months. Although the chances are slim, women can be color blind; this has to do with chromosomal differences between the genders. Men in...

Invisalign GMCClinics dubai

Invisalign Invisible Braces: What to Expect Pre and After Treatment

Invisalign are invisible braces; it is using almost clear teeth straighteners, custom-made for you. The aligners are made of a strong plastic that exerts pressure on particular parts of your teeth; this moves them slowly to the desired position. You can easily get Invisalign by consulting your dentist in the UAE to conduct several tests, for instance, your overall oral health, smile, and taking your mouth impressions. The aligners are...

Symptoms, Prevention and all you need to know on Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Almost most children by the age of 6 for girls and 8 for boys will be dry or continent at night, few of them will have uncontrollable leakage of urine while sleeping or being wet at night. Still the main cause of bedwetting is slow developments or delay maturation of brain — bladder control. Both the action of urination and the action of defection are dependent on neural connection and communications between...