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    Are you brushing your teeth right?

    From the early days as children, one thing that a lot of people remember learning is dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth daily and making sure it’s the correct way to brush your teeth. Most people remember the basics and follow through with these practices all their lives, brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist as they have been taught. But what if you’ve been doing it wrong or incomplete all these years? Many individuals who brush floss and wash regularly still have dental problems and end up at the dentist’s chair. Here’s a quick brush up on the correct way to brush your teeth and the do’s and don’ts for adults and children.

    • Always make sure you brush your teeth at least once every day. The normal requirement is twice a day and some suggest brushing after each meal.
    • The best way to brush your teeth is at an angle. Specifically, a 45 angle that ensures both your teeth and gums are cleaned.
    • The toothbrush aisle at the store may be huge but everyone has a brush that is perfectly suited to their needs. Look for bristle strength, size and flexible handles as well as mechanical options such as battery-operated toothbrushes.
    • Hard bristles on a toothbrush do not mean a better cleaning effect, in fact it could end up hurting your gums and wearing out your teeth. Too soft and your brushing won’t be very effective. You’ll need to find a bristle strength that is a good balance between hard and soft for you.
    • The correct way to brush your teeth should involve the following movements and techniques to be most effective:
      • Begin with the upper and outer sections of your teeth before going to the lower and inner areas
      • When brushing the outer surfaces, use up and down or circular movements that reach your gums too to ensure full coverage.
      • Brushing your teeth should take no less than 2 minutes. Time yourself to see how well you do.
      • To complete the process, brush your tongue as well to remove any overlying bacteria and freshen your breath.
      • When cleaning in the inner areas, move your toothbrush in circular motions up and down the stretch of your teeth.
    • You should generally replace your toothbrush once every 6 months or when you begin to see it wear down.
    • Always use fluoride based toothpastes unless advised otherwise by your dentist.

    What not to do when brushing

    • Do not use a lot of force when brushing, you could cause your gums to bleed or wear out your tooth enamel.
    • Too much brushing can also be harmful as the constant scrubbing of your teeth can cause it to lose enamel and get damaged.
    • Don’t rush the process. Rushing tends to be too light or rough on your teeth and won’t last long enough for the toothpaste to have any effect on your teeth.
    • Skipping out on flossing or using mouth wash can mean you are not effectively cleaning your teeth and gums and leave out a lot of plaque and debris between your teeth and deep in your mouth.

    Advice on brushing an infant’s teeth

    • Infants may lose their teeth in a few years but this doesn’t mean you ignore brushing them. Healthy teeth and gums are necessary for the development of new and healthy teeth and gums.
    • Teach children early on to brush and wash their teeth regularly. This creates a healthy dental habit within them.
    • Use a plaque discolouring tablet that turns plaque into a red colour to help infants know where plaque hides and how to reach them.

    These are all the tips and advice you’ll need on the correct way to brush your teeth. As always, make sure to visit your dentist at least once a year or when necessary, more than once a year. Your dentists will be able to suggest the best toothbrush and toothpaste for you and how well your dental habits are, based on your oral condition. The benefits of good dental hygiene are invaluable. A pleasant and healthy smile is a very useful feature in a person. No one ever wants to have to go through dental pains and problems or have discoloured teeth.  GMCClinics in Dubai have a team of certified and experienced dentists with some of the most advanced and latest in dental technology at their disposal. Why not book your next session with GMCClinics?