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When choosing healthcare for you and your family, nothing is more important than being able to trust the medical advice and service you are given and knowing you are receiving the highest standard of care.

Our mission is to care for our patients as we would wish to be cared for ourselves.

Our family of physicians and staff have been providing quality healthcare to the Dubai community since 1976. Over the years we have grown into a group of 5 clinics and a laboratory with a team of multi-cultural, highly qualified medical professionals with extensive international experience. We are very proud to announce that our laboratory has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Having our own laboratory helps us control and deliver the highest quality in the shortest time possible. 

Our comfortable and modern clinics, with their family-oriented atmosphere, which are situated in every major neighbourhood in Dubai, perform a vital role in caring for the community, supporting individuals, families, local corporations and multinationals in their healthcare needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinics. 

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Cost of a Mole Check Up

Jul 22 2018 By Dr. Murtuza Bandukwala - Dermatologist

There can’t be anything bad about spending a fun day out on the beach, splashing around under the sun however, too much exposure to the sun’s rays can be damaging to your skin and may even be the cause for skin cancer. This explains why many patients are now looking up the cost of a mole check up.

People need to find a balance between a good amount of natural sunlight that promotes the production of Vitamin D in our systems while also not being out too long to cause any damage to the skin cells. Staying out under the sun for extended periods of time repeatedly could cause the development of malignant melanoma. When it comes to skin cancer, it is a good idea to be active about it and keep an eye out for any newly developing moles on your skin. Moles are sometimes the first signs of a problem. 

Cost of a mole check up
The cost of a mole check up depends on a few factors but before you rush to make an appointment with your local dermatologist, make sure you visit your GP and have your body examined for any moles that are out of the ordinary. Once that is done, you’ll need to make sure your insurer covers the cost of a mole check up. 

Types of mole check ups
Treatments include analyzing and diagnosing existing moles on a patient’s body as well as tracking the growth and development of these moles across a period of time to make sure they are not cancerous. You can also choose to check up on any particular mole too if you feel so inclined. 

Regularity of the check up
Check ups should generally be conducted annually on each person however if the patient comes from a genetic history of cancer, then it would be advisable that they get checked on a bi-annual basis. 

Duration of the check up
These check ups take no longer than 45 minutes to an hour. It takes even shorter if the patient is only checking a specific mole rather than doing a general scan of the patient’s entire body. The results of these treatments are handed out in a few working days. 

The next steps
If you’ve received a result with suspect mole, you’ll be given an option to meet with a skin specialist or be given a report that you can show to a doctor of your preference. 

Any other concerns
Pregnant mothers and those with pre-existing medical conditions need not worry about getting a mole check up as these scans are safe and noninvasive. These services however are only suitable for adults above the age of 18 and not children. 

Safety and precautions against problems
Always remember not to stand under direct sunlight during peak hours such as noon time. It is also not advisable to be under the sun at all without having first applied a sunscreen lotion on all exposed parts of your body. When possible, stay in the shade and avoid direct sunlight. 


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