First Pediatric Orthodontist Visit in Dubai - What to Expect

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First Pediatric Orthodontist Visit in Dubai – What to Expect

First Pediatric Orthodontist Visit in Dubai

First Pediatric Orthodontist Visit in Dubai – What to Expect

Pediatric orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with fixing poorly positioned teeth in kids using devices like braces and retainers. Taking your kid to a pediatric orthodontist early in his life helps him maintain a nice smile and good oral hygiene.

The first pediatric orthodontist visit should be an exciting moment because it is the first step to an awesome healthy smile. Visiting a specialist in the UAE is beneficial because orthodontics is useful in children. After all, kids bone structures around their teeth and jaws are still developing. It is easier to spot and correct issues with maxillary bones in kids when they are not fully developed.

What is the Best Age to Start Visiting a Pediatric Orthodontist?

Many parents don’t know the right age to start taking their kids to an orthodontist. You can start orthodontic treatment as early as 7 years before all your kid’s permanent teeth grow. Because of the uniqueness in tooth development around the age of seven, you need a professional to confirm whether the changes are normal or whether your kid requires orthodontic treatment.

An orthodontist can also tell whether there is adequate room for permanent teeth. It’s easier to fix most orthodontic conditions at an early age. Ignoring these conditions at an early age could lead to complications that may require permanent teeth extraction or surgery later in life.

If you have concerns about teeth alignment or your kid’s bite, you can consult an orthodontist earlier. It is also advisable to consult a professional if your child grinds his teeth, loses his baby teeth earlier, or has trouble speaking, biting, or chewing.

What to Expect on Your First Orthopedic Visit

Orthodontic treatments not only help to align your kid’s teeth, but they also boost his/her confidence. Properly aligned teeth are useful for better chewing, biting, and speaking.

Here is what to expect on your first visit:

Meeting the Orthodontist

The first step is to schedule an appointment with your pediatric orthodontic in Dubai. It might help if you explain to your child why you have to visit an orthodontist. Calm your kid and explain that this is like a dentist’s visit.

Medical and Dental Evaluation

Most times, physical and dental problems are linked. Oral cavity problems can be caused or lead to other medical problems. It’s necessary to evaluate your kid’s dental problems and their causes. Dental evaluation is conducted to ensure that any medical or dental problems are treated or under control before beginning any treatment.

Examples of dental problems that need to be treated before embarking on orthopedic treatment include cavities (caries), early tooth loss, tooth sensitivity, gum disease, pediatric gingivitis, and other orthodontic problems.

Creating a Model

The physician will require a study model that is made from bite impressions or castings. A dental impression is a model of your mouth and teeth. Dental impressions create a replica of your oral tissue and teeth. Study models help the physician to examine all your teeth individually and their alignment.

A dental impression is modeled from a thick liquid like polyvinylsiloxane or alginate. The kid is asked to bite down into a tray containing this gel-like material. This liquid dries into a rubber-like material with an impression of the patient’s mouth.

Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic dental x-rays capture the entire mouth in one image by using a tiny dose of ionizing radiation. Your pediatric orthodontist in Dubai performs this procedure to plan treatment for extraction, braces, implants, and dentures. This procedure captures the whole mouth, including the upper and lower jaws, all the teeth, tissues, and other surrounding structures. This is a non-invasive procedure.

Photographs and Computer-Generated Images

Your orthodontist might take photographs of your child’s teeth to assess the treatment and its progress. This also helps the physician to examine how the treatment affects the shape of the child’s face. Computer-generated images are also used like photographs.


It is necessary to go over the treatment plan with your orthodontist and choose a convenient and affordable procedure. Treatment can start the same day you visit the clinic. Below are common procedures to expect;

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Your pediatric orthodontist in Dubai might decide that your kid needs invisalign clear aligners. They are made from transparent polyurethane plastic. Invisalign clear aligners are not bonded or cemented to your teeth like clear or metal braces.

You can remove clear aligners for special occasions and events when eating, and the most important activity for flossing and brushing. This is a discreet method of treating orthodontic problems, especially for kids who don’t want to wear braces or worry about their self-image.

Traditional Braces

Traditional dental braces are used to correct malocclusion, which causes a misaligned jaw, crooked, or crowded teeth. Braces can be made from ceramic or metal, wires, and bonding material that hold them to the teeth.

There are various types of braces, and the one you get depends on age and whether you have other dental problems in addition to crooked teeth. Braces are customized and unique to an individual. Braces align teeth by putting constant pressure on them for some time. The child’s jaw will adjust to this pressure. Braces are not painful, and it takes at least 2 hours to install. The patient might experience soreness during the first few days.

Space Maintainers

Your child might require space retainers for various reasons like early loss of baby teeth and early childhood carriers. Space maintainers prevent the adjacent teeth from occupying the space. This can cause improper growth of the permanent teeth, which leads to crooked teeth in that area. The front teeth are not greatly affected; however, the early loss of a molar requires the use of a stainless steel space maintainer to maintain this space.

It is necessary to start taking your kid to see an orthodontist as early as 7 years. This helps to maintain a healthy smile and detect and deal with any dental issues at their early stages. Orthodontists fix misaligned and crowded teeth. The procedures are not painful, and they are mostly non-invasive.

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