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    Vitamin D Deficiency

    Vitamins and minerals are essential elements for the normal growth and functioning of the human body. The body requires only a small quantity but if you do not supply the right amounts of vitamins and minerals to your body, the results can be alarming and dangerous. You’ve definitely heard of how important it is to make sure you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your system through food...

    Dental scaling & polishing and what you need to know

    A smile is not just cheerful on the outside but works through your brain, cheering your mind as well. It is very important then to make sure you take good care of your teeth. While many people follow dental hygiene practices regularly; plaque, tartar and other problems will always build up over time. This is why you will need to visit your dentist on an annual basis to keep your dental...


    Aesthetic Gynecology clinics in Dubai and what they offer

    Aesthetic Gynecology is a relatively new field in the medical industry but is gaining momentum and has become common practice among women in the past few years. It is however, an extremely personal affair and one that many may not be comfortable discussing with. This article should help you understand the practice better and perhaps help you decide whether you want to get yourself any of the several treatments offered by...

    Tooth Filling Cost in Dubai – Understanding Your Options

    Tooth fillings help make up for all that’s lost in the cavities of your teeth. Once all the decayed pulp and portions have been removed, through irrigation, drilling and/or air pressure, a dentist would use a filling to close the cavity so that the tooth can continue to function normally. Tooth fillings are not all the same and there are many options available for you to choose from. Some of these...

    Root Canal Costs in Dubai and why they vary

    A lot of people get a root canal treatment at least once in their lifetimes. The procedure is generally considered a basic one and only in certain cases and situations does it take major role. The whole ordeal may sound painful to some as it involves your teeth but a root canal is usually the solution to tooth pain and discomfort. A Root Canal Treatment (RCT) or Endodontic treatment as they...

    Picky Eating

    Picky eating is becoming a common problem in children as soon as they start solid food and if not addressed properly, it can persist to late teenage years and even adulthood. Severe forms of picky eating specifically what is recognized now as ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder), will affect the child growth, health and social and psychological wellbeing. Feeding is an important aspect of parenting, unfortunately, when it comes to feeding common...

    Aviation Medical Examiners at GMCClinics

    Aviation Medicals Examinations are offered at the Jumeirah branch of GMCClinics. We have 2 Aviation Medical Examiners doing local GCAA renewals, Dr. Carole Chidiac and Dr. Rawshan Hussain, and we also have Dr. Ralph Joyce, and experienced and well qualified Medical Examiner who can renew medical certificates for other authorities. Dr. Joyce is licensed as an Aviation Medical Examiner with the U.K Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which now allows him to renew all European, or EASA...