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Botox VS Fillers - Whats the Difference

Botox VS Fillers: What is the Difference?

Botox and dermal fillers are types of cosmetic treatments that enhance one’s appearance. Many people in the UAE and all over the world go for Botox or dermal fillers to look young. These treatments are made popular by celebrities who seem to defy ageing. Everything You Need to Know About Botox There is a lot of information about Botox from various blogs and celebrity magazines; however, most of this information is not...

Botox or Fillers

Botox or Fillers Dubai – What You Should Know

Botox and fillers might look similar, but they are different. It can be difficult to draw the line between fillers and Botox, especially when trying to decide which best suits you. Many people around the world and the UAE consider getting Botox or fillers but are undecided about which to try. The first thing you ought to consider before going through with any procedure is inquiring about the practitioner’s qualifications. You...

International Civil Aviation Organisation ICAO 2019 75 years of connecting the world

The theme of 2019 World Civil Aviation Day is to share how aviation plays a role in your work, your travels and more… Like any expatriate, medical doctor and mother of children studying abroad, aviation played a big role in getting me closer top my family back home and attending conferences and meeting professionals from all over the world. With more options and more direct flights, visiting my kids have never...

The Benefits of Orthopedics Treatment for Sports Injuries

The Benefits of Orthopedics Treatment for Sports Injuries

Orthopedic sports treatment is a branch of orthopedics that deals with musculoskeletal injuries arising from sports. Injured athletes wish to return to the field as soon as possible. This means that they combine the need to return to practice and faster healing. Many athletes in the UAE face sports injuries, however, this mostly occurs in contact sports, like martial arts, hockey, and football. Some of the non-contact athletes are also...