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Sports Rehabilitation Specialist in Dubai

Sports rehabilitation is an aspect of healthcare that deals with the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries to a patient when they are engaged in sports. The goal of sports rehab centres in Dubai is to bring injured athletes back to optimal levels of fitness utilising the principles of sport and exercise sciences. They also incorporate physiological and pathological processes to prepare the participant for training, competition and where applicable, work. This...

Benefits of using doctor at home services

Home healthcare is not a new service, but the rise of a customer-first economy and the need to offer more convenient services has lead to a resurgence in the practice of a visiting doctor. Home medical services are now pretty common and the benefit of using doctor at home services are plenty. With more and more patients demanding fast and easy assistance, the medical industry needs to keep up if...

Common Chronic and Viral infections that Affects Children and Young Adults

It can be very concerning to see your child getting sick. This helpful information aims to explain some of the common chronic and viral infections that mostly affects children and young adults. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease This common viral infection most often affects children.  It is a mild condition that causes blisters in the mouth and a rash on the hands, feet and sometimes the buttocks.  There may also be mild...

Health Awareness Tips by Dr. Katherine Morris

If binge watching is your ideal way of relaxation then think again. Dr. Katherine discusses potential health risks issues related to binge watching and constant fatigue. Is binge watching bad for you? With the rise of streaming services is has become easier and easier to watch multiple episodes of a favourite show back to back.  Could this be detrimental to our health? Here are some potential hidden dangers: Artificial light in the evening...

Healthy Tips from Dr. Katherine Morris

Spring break has arrived! Here are some tips on what you can do to minimize health risks and stay healthy this spring break: Tips to Avoid DVT For many this is a time to travel. With long haul flights comes the increased risk of DVT (a blood clot in the leg or arm) for some travelers. Move your legs frequently to exercise your calf muscles, for example straighten and flex your ankles ...

Doctors at Home Price

In the past, doctors generally visited a patient’s home to diagnose and treat them. However, since the 1960’s, the rise of hospitals and clinics saw a decline in the practice of going to a patient’s home to treat them. They now needed to schedule an appointment and travel to an expensive clinic or public hospital and wait for their turns with a doctor who sees several patients each day. This...

800GMCDOC: Doctors on call in Dubai

With the Internet of Things making the world a whole lot smaller, bringing people together in ways like never before, it is no surprise that patients now expect to be given a consultation and treated whenever and wherever they feel like. Just as the service industry and gig economy have brought with it, multiple options to their customers, options that are not limited to any time or place, the medical...