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Pediatric Dentist: Premature Tooth Loss in Children

Almost everybody is born with 2 sets of teeth. Baby teeth begin to erupt at around 6 months, although this varies for different babies. As children grow, baby teeth fall out, and permanent teeth occupy their space. This new set of teeth is not should not shed; however, sometimes they do for several reasons. If your child has premature tooth loss, you should visit a pediatric dentist for treatment to prevent future dental issues.

The Dubai Health Authority is at the forefront to ensure that all individuals can access high-quality dental services. They hope to create awareness on the importance of dental and oral health, as well as screening and prevention programs. According to statistics by WHO, 60-90% of school-aged children and almost 100% of adults worldwide have cavities. The most common problems are periodontal diseases, cavities, oral cancer, and tooth loss.

At What Age Should My Child Shed the First Tooth?

A pediatric dentist will tell you that on average children start losing their teeth at 6 years. Sometimes you might notice wiggly teeth at an earlier age, but this could be due to an injury. Overall, children naturally, lose their teeth from age 6-12. The incisors are usually the first to fall, then the lateral incisors followed by the canines and lastly the molars. Baby teeth shed when permanent teeth are almost erupting.

What Causes Premature Tooth Loss in Children

Premature loss of either milk or permanent teeth in children should be taken seriously. Diseases and injuries are the primary causes of this problem. If your child experiences premature tooth loss, visit a dental clinic because the problem could be the result of periodontal disease. This is an infection which causes gum inflammation and tooth loss if you don’t seek immediate treatment. It is advisable to have a pediatric dentist if your child has diabetes because most kids in this condition suffer bone density mass. Children can get injuries from games and sports, which can lead to premature tooth loss. Mouth trauma from accidents might also cause early shedding.

How to Deal with Premature Tooth Loss in Children

It is traumatizing for both the parent and the child who experiences premature tooth loss, especially if it involved a permanent tooth. We gathered the following tips to help you avoid such problems:

Regular Checkups

Choose a pediatric dentist whom you can trust and schedule regular appointments for your children. When you visit a dental clinic, you will find out that a child should visit a pediatric dentist as soon as the first teeth show or at a maximum age of 1 year.

This early visit is necessary because it allows the dentist, child, and parent to establish a strong doctor-patient relationship. This makes it easy to instill healthy oral habits and routines to the child from an early age. Taking your child to a dental clinic earlier allows the dentist to monitor the growth of the teeth and prevent cavities and other dental diseases before they occur. Nowadays, you can find a clinic with GP doctors who offer home healthcare services; they visit kids for checkups after clinic hours. Also, booking a home doctor can be done very easily via 800GMCDOC. However, even though these general practitioners are available for 24/7, you have to schedule a dental clinic appointment and visit the facility for checkup and treatment.

Seek Treatment Sooner Than Later

If your child complains of painful gums or cavities, you should visit a pediatric dentist as soon as possible. This prevents the tooth from further deterioration, and it saves the child hours of painful procedures. Many people dread the dental clinic because of the procedures and injections; however, this only happens whenever you neglect your oral health. Encourage your kid to share any dental problems with you to avoid losing spending a lot of money and losing the tooth altogether. When your kid has a tooth loss due to traumatic injury, try to remain calm and access the damage. Control the bleeding and check whether there is damage to the jaw, teeth, teeth, and tongue. Schedule an appointment with your pediatric dentist, or call a dental clinic and ask for a GP for a home healthcare visit, but remember to visit the clinic for treatment.


You cannot stop your children from playing or participating in sports because you want them to grow in all areas. The best way to ensure that they have fun and stay safe is by buying them protective gears like helmets and mouth guard. You will prevent an emergency visit to your pediatric dentist if your child wears these gears because they prevent head and jaw injuries by distributing the impact.

Maintain the Free Space

In case your kid has premature tooth loss, don’t visit the dental clinic for treatment, request the pediatric dentist to fix a customized space maintainer to hold the space of the lost tooth. A space maintainer secures the place for the permanent tooth; this is because milk teeth guide the way for permanent teeth. Your pediatric dentist might craft this accessory from metal or acrylic; you don’t have to worry because these materials are safe. Before visiting a dental clinic, decide whether you want the removable or the permanent space maintainer, which is usually cemented on the child’s gums.

Encourage a Healthy Routine

The best time to instill habits is when your kids are young. Ask your pediatric dentist for advice on how to care for your child’s teeth if he cannot do it himself. Encourage your kids to brush twice daily fluoride toothpaste, to floss after every meal, and to avoid sugary treats and fizzy drinks.

Apart from regular visits to the pediatric dentist, you need to check your child’s teeth and take their complaints seriously. Conditions such as periodontal diseases and cavities cause tooth loss when not treated early. Gum disease does not only cause tooth loss, but it also causes infection throughout the body and could lead to greater consequences. If your child loses his tooth earlier, visit a dental clinic to request for a space maintainer. Remember to teach your kids good dental hygiene like brushing and flossing after meals.