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Health Check-Up For STD’s

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Health Check-Up For STD's

We now offer health check-ups for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. All are tests are completed in-house in our own laboratory, which also means results are ready faster.

The most common STD’s we test for are:



Herpes 1

Herpes 2


We also offer Pre-Marital STD test screening.

Sexually transmitted infections are common. If you suspect you may have an infection, it should be investigated and addressed as soon as possible. Most treatments are simple and painless and can be handled in an outpatient setting.

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Great service all the way from top to the bottom. Administration arranged everything for a detailed home testing which was done by a good and qualified nurse. The doctor was extremely clear,precise and understanding with his diagnosis which he explained in great detail. Reports were very prompt in under we 24 hours. I would highly recommend both the clinic and the staff.

- Aamir K, Patient

I have been a patient of GMC for 30 years. So has my family. For me they are the only health professionals that I would go to. The quality of professional service is very highest and on more than one occasion, the diagnosis and advice I receive has been life altering. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

- James Berry, Patient

I have been attending the GMC clinic as a patient since 1986 and especially Dr Ralph Joyce and in that time, totally relied  on them for all my medical requirements . I trust totally their professionalism, approach and advice and they are always the first contact for any medical needs.

- Donal Kilalea, Patient

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