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Family Medicine

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Family Medicine in Dubai

Family Medicine Specialists are trained in medical care for patients of all ages in several major medical areas and can refer you for further specialist treatment if required.

Our Family Medicine Specialist are available for comprehensive medical care including the following treatments:

Chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease

Acute problems like respiratory infections, chest pain, abdominal pain and headache

Preventive medical care including chronic disease screening and immunizations and advice about how to stay healthy through proper diet, exercise

Ear, nose and throat care

Minor surgical procedures

Bone and joint care

Skin conditions

Well-woman care, reproductive counselling, family planning

Mental and behavioural health issues such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse and insomnia

Allergy testing

Family Medicine: Our Process

Doctors Practising Family Medicine

Team of Professionals

Dr. Ralph Joyce
Specialist Family Medicine & Group Medical Doctor

Fluent in: English
Nationality: Australian

Dr. Rawshan Hussain

Fluent in: English and Urdu
Nationality: Pakistani



My family comprising my wife and two children have been coming to the GMC Jumeirah – Medical Centre since arriving in Dubai in 2011.  Our family doctor at the centre is Dr. Ralph Joyce.  It has been a great reassurance to us to have a family doctor and a family clinic which has supported and helped our family throughout our time in Dubai. What is particularly reassuring is the time that Dr. Joyce and his team take to understand us and our medical requirements which has over the years translated into a relationship of trust.  It is helpful to have a doctor in Dubai who has the retained knowledge of our family and therefore is able to more quickly and more effectively provide advice and support.  We left Dubai for 18 months in 2015 and whilst in the UK did not find the same quality of support and advice as we have had at GMC Jumeirah – Medical Centre.  Upon our return to the Dubai we immediately re-registered with Dr. Joyce and have been attending the centre ever since.  I would recommend the GMC Jumeirah – Medical Centre and particularly Dr. Ralph Joyce.

- Matthew, Patient

My family and I have been resident in Dubai since 1986, where my sons were born in 1988 and 1990.  All of our family medical care since about 1992 has been taken care of by the physicians and nursing staff of the GMC clinic in Jumeirah.  Dr. Ralph Joyce looked after both of our boys from about age 3 years up to 18 years, when they went back to Scotland for their University education, and he continues to look after my wife and I as patients to the present day.  In addition to routine ailments, Dr. Joyce has cared for me through my recoveries from a total knee replacement and a colon resection.  In addition to family medical care, the GMC clinic also works for my employer, in carrying out the annual physicals on our technical staff, to ensure that they are fit to carry out their employment as Marine Surveyors on ships, oil rigs and platforms.  I have no hesitation in recommending the GMC clinic in Jumeirah, and Dr. Joyce in particular, to any family or firm looking for the best in medical care in Dubai.

- Pat Cannie, Managing Director – Marine Middle East & India

I have been a GP patient of GMC for many years, most recently under the care of Dr. Ralph Joyce.   I have also in the period 2013 – 15 had to undergo surgery treatment of varying degrees of seriousness.  GMC has always been very attentive, caring and most importantly efficient and effective in particularly guiding me through the diagnosis processes of my medical episodes, even though I may have undergone surgery in the UK and not in Dubai.  The staff at GMC are always very welcoming, efficient and responsive to requests – particularly in the event of rescheduling appointments and testing procedures – very flexible in accommodating requested changes.  I continue to undergo full executive medical checks each year at GMC and I am very comfortable to continue to do so for as long as I may reside in Dubai.  I would have no hesitation in recommending GMC to anyone as General Practice.

- Andy Nichol, Patient

I have been a patient of GMC for 30 years. So has my family. For me they are the only health professionals that I would go to. The quality of professional service is very highest and on more than one occasion, the diagnosis and advice I receive has been life altering. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

- James Berry, Patient

I have been attending the GMC clinic as a patient since 1986 and especially Dr Ralph Joyce and in that time, totally relied  on them for all my medical requirements . I trust totally their professionalism, approach and advice and they are always the first contact for any medical needs.

- Donal Kilalea, Patient

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