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    Dr. Marc Muller


    Fluent in: German and English

    Nationality: German


    • Facharzt HNO 1993 IN BREMEN / GERMANY
    • Facharzt Supplemt: Plastische Operationen 1996 BREMEN/ GERMANY

    Professional Organisations:

    • AAOHNS,
    • AABRM
    • EMA
    • HNO-BV

    Special Interest:

    He offers an entire scope of ENT diagnostics. He’s been practicing in Dubai since 2003 and has more than 20 years of surgical experience with over 10000 surgeries without major complications.

    His expertise is in all breathing-related problems from throat to nose including diagnostics and treatment of:

    • Snoring, sleep apnea, mouth breathing, fatigue
    • Sinus problems: headaches congestion, postnasal drip
    • Nose problems: congestion, bleeding, irritation, smelling sense problems
    • Infections of throat and nose and ears
    • Cosmetic problems and injuries of nose and ears
    • Superficial tumors of nose and ears
    • Voice problems: husky voice, pain, dryness
    • Hearing and Balance problems: dizziness, ringing, fullness


    Since 1988, Dr. Mueller’s center of excellence is in otolaryngology (ENT), focusing on rhinology and facial plastic surgery. He has been a Consultant in Head of Sleep Lab in Bremen, Germany and and is licensed in Laser Treatment, Sleep Medicine and Allergology in the field of ENT.
    He has over 20 years of international clinical experience in providing the highest level of patient care in the field of otolaryngology and audiology with deep specialist expertise in the management and treatment of sinus congestion, hearing loss, snoring ailments, sleep disorders, chronic headaches and allergy problems.

    In the field of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery, his treatment approach is using minimally invasive treatments of sinus and nasal problems and providing an advance and innovative practice in performing Balloon Sinuplasty surgeries and other otolaryngology and rhinology surgical procedures (e.g. Tonsillectomies, Adenoidectomies, Tympanostomies, Sinus Surgeries, Septoplasties, Cheiloplasties, Blepharoplasties, Botox, PRP, Fillers, etc.).