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About Us


When choosing healthcare for you and your family, nothing is more important than being able to trust the medical advice and service you are given and knowing you are receiving the highest standard of care.

Our mission is to care for our patients as we would wish to be cared for ourselves.

Our family of physicians and staff have been providing quality healthcare to the Dubai community since 1976. Over the years we have grown into a group of 5 clinics and a laboratory with a team of multi-cultural, highly qualified medical professionals with extensive international experience. We are very proud to announce that our laboratory has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Having our own laboratory helps us control and deliver the highest quality in the shortest time possible. 

Our comfortable and modern clinics, with their family-oriented atmosphere, which are situated in every major neighbourhood in Dubai, perform a vital role in caring for the community, supporting individuals, families, local corporations and multinationals in their healthcare needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinics. 

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  • It was my good fortune that I chose GMC clinic at Magrudy’s Centre , Jumeirah 1 to have my eyes tested. I was referred to Dr. Wafaa who could not have been kinder and more encouraging when she diagnosed Macular Degeneration of the “Wet” kind in my left eye . Her treatment was fantastic but soon it was evident that I would require injections in my left eye and Dr. Wafaa referred me to Dr Saffa at the American Hospital . Dr. Wafaa kept in touch with me over this period of four months. Her caring attitude was most touching. I also came under the attention of Dr. Memon who took great interest in my blood results especially Thyroid and Diabetes. He showed great patience towards me when “we” tried to work out the mgs of the pills I was taking!!! He took time explaining to my husband and myself the benefit of vitamins I needed. I felt safe under his instructions and here again he phoned to find out how I was. Again I received such kindness and caring. I also saw Dr. Bassel when I experienced profound hearing loss in my right ear. He worked on retrieving a level of hearing in this ear in order for it to be possible to fit hearing aids. This took quite a while but Dr. Bassel remained positive and steadfast and gave me so much confidence. Another wonderful caring doctor ! This has resulted in hearing aids being fitted  successfully. Due to a sudden illness attack , prior to leaving by plane the following morning , I was again fortunate to see Dr. Hussain . I thought I had a recurring problem of Diverticulitis and felt an antibiotic would suffice. Dr. Hussain was obviously not happy and sent me for a blood test marked urgent . We had literally decided to phone GMC at 3 to get an appointment. It was now around 4.30 / 5 pm . That night Dr.Hussain phoned my husband that I must go to hospital to have an MRI as the results of the blood tests showed a severe infection. I was admitted to ICU as they found I had Diverticulitis but also Pneumonia!! In my humble opinion Dr. Hussain saved my life ! I was discharge from hospital three days later on the understanding that I have five intravenous injections of antibiotic fluid . My husband phoned GMC the next morning and we were told it would be no problem and to come right away . I must at this time that to retrieve blood from me is a major headache . Libin and Shiny were given the task and Shiny set up while Libin looked for a vein. At no point did I feel uncomfortable and Libin proved he was up to the challenge. I have not named all the nurses but they all deserve praise.  I have nothing but the highest praise for the doctors, nurses and reception staff of this clinic. Everyone greeted my husband and myself with a smile and nothing ever seemed to be a problem.  We are very sad as we are returning to UK soon and know from experience that we will NEVER get this  awesome and incredible all round care that we found here. As an elderly lady who was shown such respect and warmth by everyone - I will never forget you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

    Helen E Wallace / Miss Helen

  • This is to express my great thanks and gratitude to Dr. Rahman Shah and his highly professional team.  For a foreigner who knows nothing about the medical system in a country where he is , It is always a list of 'what if' this or that unfortunately happens ? Whom am I going to contact in case of emergency? Will they respond rapidly? Will they be qualified enough to take care of me? All these questions occurred suddenly to my mind, as I heard the BP apparatus' inconsistent  beep alarming me of a high pressure sudden attack. In fact , I had no other choice but to ask for hotel assistance . They told me a doctor was on the way. Twenty minutes later, the door knocked.  A bunch of people where smiling at me , among them was Dr. Rahman. It was more of a silent psychological game between me and them; I did not want to reflect my worries on them so that they do not take me to a hospital; and they were almost doing the same. They tried to reveal a specific message to me: do not worry. The team was unexpectedly highly equipped to the extent that they gave me an impression that they were ready  for a surgical operation, if needed. From minute one, I noticed that the two Pakistani doctors were extremely accommodating trying to win my confidence. They tried their best to deviate my attention so that they reduce tension and make me calm down. After some various discussion, they decided to measure my BP. When the Philippine nurse told them that it was 170 over 100 with pulse of 148  , I thought that a helicopter would land in the nearby park to save my life within minutes. On the contrary, Dr. Rahman's smile eased the situation up :" no worry , Mr. Ashraf. A person might safely live with such BP  for ten years", he said . In fact , I did not expect that answer from him. I felt more relaxed. " so, what are you going to do now"? I asked. " we might inject you with Diuretic . This will help reducing the amount of water inside your body; and reduce you BP accordingly ", they explained.   Although I refused to take that injection, they did not insist. This made me more confident that my health condition was not in real danger, 'although it was'. They also expressed their satisfaction with the tranquilizer I took minutes before their arrival. After revising the medicine I am on  for almost one year now,Dr. Rahman advised another BP medicine to  be add. Although I refused to swallow the pill either, neither Dr. Rahman nor his doctor mate objected . They preferred to stay with me ,instead, until every thing would be back to normal. Next day , Dr. Rahman passed by me in the hotel . On that day I agreed to take the new medication. He stayed with for more than one hour  upon my request; to make sure that no side effect would occur, as I expected to happen. One might ask : why do I tell all this long story in details ? This is simply because I wanted to emphasize the fact that a 'good doctor ' is not the one who just gives medicine, but it is the one who deeply understands the psychology of his patient and deals cleverly with it; a doctor who knows how to gain his patient's confidence and trust. Now, whatever Dr. Rahman tells me , I will follow him blindly; especially that my BP curve started to slope down . Thanks to the new medicine ; and thanks to my dear friend- Dr. Rahman.

    Ashraf Abdel Moniem

  • To Dr. Natalia Nazarenko, Your service is great and efficient. The way you address patient concerns is very professional and giving me confidence throughout the treatment. Your nurse is very helpful ensuring my medicine delivered on time before checking out of hotel. Very thankful to both of you.

    Aviall Pte Ltd Quality Manager

  • I wanted to let you know what a wonderful, caring doctor Dr Leila is. I would most definitely recommend her to any of my friends here in Dubai. She is the most patient and understanding doctor I have ever met. Dr Leila is an absolute credit to your practice. 

    Lyns Gibson

  • Hello there, I would like to thank 800GMCDOC for their amazing services which started by the quick response of the service provider to the amazing team they sent (Dr. Natalia and her assistant nurse Jeremie). Hence, they have provided me with home comfort of a professional hospital. It will definitely be my number one choice of doctors in Dubai.

    GK (Saudi Arabia)

  • Dr. Noman Lakhani has been our family doctor for the past 10 years. In that time he has treated our ills and ailments with professionalism, care and at times with good humour. His diagnosis, treatments and recommendations have healed and helped our family. He has our complete trust and our heartfelt thanks.

    Price Family

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